Do Permanent Veneers Look Better Than Temporary Ones?

Do Permanent Veneers Look Better Than Temporary Ones?

Apr 01, 2022

What Are Dental Veneers?

They are thin, shell-like, tooth-colored porcelain materials that repair and restore teeth. Dental veneers generally serve as cosmetic dental appliances for improving the appearance of your teeth. However, veneers can strengthen your teeth, providing functional benefits to your oral cavity.

What Happens When Getting Dental Veneers?

When you visit a dentist’s office near you for oral veneers, you will learn that your procedure will take two separate dental visits. The first visit entails preparing your teeth, and the second one is for installing the veneer teeth.

The initial step for preparing your teeth involves numbing your mouth. Although surgery is not necessary, numbing will help increase your comfort levels to avoid discomfort. The dentist starts by trimming and shaping the enamel of the target teeth.

The goal is to remove as much tooth enamel as necessary to make room for the dental veneer. Since a porcelain veneer is attached to the front surfaces of teeth only, your dentist will not trim too much tooth enamel.

Afterward, the dentist will use a putty-like material to create a mold of the impressions of your teeth after preparation. It will act as the guide for your dentist to create the veneers. In a dental laboratory, the dentist will create your permanent veneers.

Meanwhile, (s)he will place temporary veneers on your teeth before discharging you. The goal is to protect your teeth as you wait for your permanent veneers to be ready.

During the second dental visit, your dentist will attach the veneer teeth to your teeth using dental cement. The dental cement needs curing, using lasers or UV light, so it hardens and makes the oral veneers one with your natural teeth.

Exploring The Difference Between Permanent And Temporary Veneers

Permanent and temporary veneers serve different purposes in dentistry, typically regarding how long they are used for your treatment.

Temporary veneers are the first ones you will get when you start your smile modification process. These veneers will protect your teeth after preparation.

Technically, once your teeth are shaved and trimmed, your teeth are enameled, and they become weak and unsightly to the eyes.

Temporary veneers cover the teeth to provide functional and aesthetic support before your permanent veneers are ready.

In contrast, permanent veneers are the last veneer teeth you will get for your treatment. They are created for a perfect fit, matching your dental desires and expectations. These veneer teeth will be permanent because the dentist will adhere them to your teeth using dental cement. The only way to remove permanent veneers is by visiting your dentist for veneer removal.

Why Is It Good To Get Permanent Veneers?

If you have decided to get veneer teeth, the only way to complete your treatment is by getting permanent veneers. Temporary veneers will only serve as your new teeth for a few days as your dentist works to create the perfect veneers for your teeth.

Capitalize on the opportunity as a chance to make any recommendations for the adjustment of your permanent veneers. When it is finally time to get permanent veneers, you will appreciate them for some of the following factors:

  1. Natural-looking results – permanent veneers look better than temporary ones because of the creation process. A dentist ensures that (s)he creates a solution for your teeth that improves your appearance in all aspects.
  2. Durability – dental experts create permanent veneers with longevity in mind. If you take care of your teeth properly after getting veneer teeth, permanent veneers can last between 10 and 25 Years.
  3. Do not fall off – one of the challenges you will have with temporary veneers is that they can easily fall off, even when doing everything right. It is a consequence of the installation process since they only serve you for a short while before your permanent veneers are ready.

Strength – one of the things that our dentists at Miller Family Dental will tell you about temporary dental veneers in Torrance is that they are not as strong as natural teeth.

It means you will have to make several adjustments to your eating habits during the two weeks before your permanent veneers are ready.

Fortunately, the case is different with permanent veneers, as they are steadier and more stable than temporary ones.

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