Long-Term Effects Of Poor Dental Care For Your Child

Long-Term Effects Of Poor Dental Care For Your Child

Feb 02, 2022

One of the stressors that our dentists at Miller Family Dental have in dentistry regards poor dental care for children. Parents only consider dental care an important part of their child’s health when they have an urgent dental problem. Ideally, kids should start taking care of their dental health as early as possible. The parent must have trained the child on proper oral health habits over time for it to happen.

Unfortunately, many parents are not intentional about their child’s dental needs. The consequence of poor dental care for children is not short-term. Your child may have to battle various oral problems in their adult life due to neglected dental health in their childhood years.

​The Causes of Cavities Among Kids

One of the most common dental issues among children is dental cavities. They are most prominent between the ages of 6 and 14 years but can develop much earlier or later in your child’s life. Some of the leading causes of tooth cavities among kids are:

  1. Poor oral hygiene – especially for a prolonged period
  2. Eating too many sugary foods – especially candies and sugary pastries. The stakes are higher for getting cavities if you do not brush your teeth after eating sweet foods.
  3. Lack of sufficient fluoride on teeth – especially if the water your child drinks has little to no fluoride components in it.
  4. Unbalanced diets – having too many carbohydrates and sugars than other food groups like proteins and vegetables.

Understanding The Process of Dental Decay

Dental cavities due to poor oral care develop when you neglect dental hygiene for a long period. Essentially, cavities occur when plaque and tartar build up on teeth. The process of tooth decay happens when food particles are left in the mouth for a long time, and they combine with saliva and bacteria in the mouth. The mixture then forms a sticky substance called plaque that settles on the surfaces of teeth. The plaque often forms on the lower parts of the teeth near the gum line, at the back surfaces of teeth, and in the pits and grooves on molars and premolars.

The longer plaque stays on teeth surfaces, the more likely it will worsen into tartar. While you can easily clean plaque using a regular toothbrush and toothpaste, tartar is only removed by a dentist through a deep cleaning session. The bacteria overgrowth from plaque and tartar building up in the mouth gradually releases acids. The acids then start to corrode the enamel of teeth. If unattended, the corrosion turns into dental cavities that may worsen to decay, abscessed teeth, among other dental issues.

​The Impact of Poor Oral Care

Dental cavities are only one of the many issues that will affect your child’s dental health. Other long-term effects of poor oral care for kids include:

  1. Premature tooth loss – whether for baby teeth or permanent teeth.
  2. Crooked teeth – Dental decay eventually leads to premature tooth loss. The consequence of premature tooth loss is crooked teeth, where teeth grow improperly, overlapping.
  3. Gum disease – bacteria that form in the mouth do not just affect teeth health but also the gum tissue.

The Methods to Get Rid of Bad Oral Hygiene on Children

One of the primary goals of a pediatric dentist near you is to help you maneuver your child’s oral health effortlessly. Therefore, a big part of the agenda is to improve your child’s oral hygiene. Some of the measures that can help include the following:

  1. Routine dental cleanings – Every three to six months, your child should visit a dentist for teeth cleaning session. Consider those sessions as a chance for your child to start over with their dental hygiene routines.
  2. Creating consistent routines – children are easily entangled into habits. If you train your child on proper and consistent teeth brushing at around the same hours of the day daily, it is unlikely for them to abandon good oral hygiene as they grow up.
  3. Practicing oral hygiene together – be your child’s motivator when it comes to keeping up with a clean mouth.

Making oral hygiene fun – incorporate fun activities during oral hygiene routines for your child to make them fond of such activities.

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