Dental Bonding in Torrance, CA

Because the teeth are exposed to many elements, it is common for them to experience damage. Sometimes the damage is minor, like a small crack on one of the teeth. In many cases, it is more noticeable and can take the form of a large chip or even jagged and broken edges on a tooth.

When you are in a situation where you would like to repair your smile but don’t want to undergo lengthy treatment, consider dental bonding near you at Miller Family Dental. We are a comprehensive dental office with high standards, friendly staff, and a comfortable office.

What Is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is the use of a composite resin putty to reshape and repair the teeth. The putty is applied to a cleaned and sanitized tooth and molded to fill in cracks, hide a chip, or even repair the entire structure of the dental enamel. Once it is in place and our dentist is satisfied with the work, the putty is hardened and filed down to match the nearby teeth.

The result is a healthy tooth that no longer has visible damage and can be used for regular activities like biting, eating, and chewing. Plus, the process is affordable and can be done in lieu of more expensive treatments, like the creation and placement of veneers.

Should You Ask for Dental Bonding?

While dental bonding is often recommended by a dentist to their patient, it is a procedure you can ask about if you know there is a cosmetic issue you wish to address. Bonding is simple and easy to perform, and it often only takes a single appointment. Our dentist in Torrance will walk you through the procedure and how it will affect your smile before completing any work, so you understand the process.

How to Move Forward

If you are interested in dental bonding in Torrance, CA, and would like to discuss the treatment with a professional, call our office today at Miller Family Dental. We can schedule an initial consultation to explain the pros and cons of treatment and help you decide whether bonding is right for you.

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