Dental Bridges in Torrance, CA

Dental bridges are one of the three most common ways of teeth replacement. At Miller Family Dental in Torrance, CA, we fit dozens of patients with bridges every year, so we have more than enough experience performing these procedures. The other common methods of teeth replacement are dental implants and partial dentures. If you’re looking for these or dental bridges in Torrance, CA, we got you covered.

People are often under the misconception that a dental bridge can only hold a single tooth. That’s not true. A single bridge can be used to replace several missing teeth, as long as they’re consecutive.

What Are Bridges?

Dental bridges hold artificial teeth like a bridge. The two ends of the bridge are attached to the adjacent natural teeth for support. That’s one of the prerequisites of dental bridges. Healthy adjacent teeth need to be there for attachment.

Unfortunately, these teeth need to be set up with crowns so they can hold the bridge. Patients who don’t have adjacent teeth that are strong or healthy enough won’t be able to get bridges. Additionally, great care needs to be taken of the bridge, as well as the abutting teeth. If they start to decay, the bridge might fall.

Dental bridges are permanent. They can’t be taken off to be rinsed or anything. You’ll brush them the same way you do natural teeth. The only way they can be taken off is at the dentist’s office.

Alternatives to Bridges

At Miller Family Dental, we like to provide our patients with several options. That’s why we offer alternatives to bridges like implants and dentures. Partial dentures are attached to other teeth using clasps and can be taken off by the patient. They need to be taken out at night, rinsed, and placed in a glass of water.

Implants are permanent just like bridges. Unlike bridges, however, they don’t need anything else for attachment. They’re placed directly into the upper or lower jawbone, depending on the tooth’s location. People can get more than one implant.

To find out more about different replacement options, visit our office in Torrance, CA.

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