Dental Sealants in Torrance, CA

Although there are many ways to prevent tooth decay, getting a cavity as a child isn’t uncommon. Since kids are always trying new foods, it seems they invariably love sugar-laden cereals and snacks. It means bacteria that create decay is always lurking near their teeth, ready to attack.

However, our dentist in 90505 at Miller Family Dental may suggest dental sealants for adults and kids to prevent your little ones from getting cavities.

What Are Dental Sealants?

A dental sealant is a liquid plastic coating that our dentist brushes onto the chewing surfaces of your child’s teeth. It gets into the crevices of teeth to ensure that food particles, bacteria, or sugars from colas and juices cannot reside there and produce tooth decay.

As the solution dries onto the teeth, it produces an impenetrable barrier. However, it can wear off the teeth or get holes in it after a while. Fortunately, this barrier is easy to repair. All our dental specialists at Miller Family Dental need to brush more of the solution where it is wearing out or has a hole in it. Then it hardens over the old spot and keeps protecting their teeth.

At What Age Can Children Get Sealants?

When a child’s baby teeth fall out, and their permanent teeth have erupted, our dentists may recommend sealants for their teeth. Since the sealant usually goes onto the chewing surfaces of the teeth, then the premolars and molars are the teeth that are usually sealed, although any tooth can get decay and should get sealed.

The first permanent molars start erupting when a child is between the ages of five and seven, so they can get the sealant brushed onto their teeth at that age. As the premolars and molars keep coming in, our dentist can update the sealant to protect their teeth.

The second set of premolars and molars comes in around 10 to 14. The third set of molars, the wisdom teeth, may come in between 17 to 21. However, some people never have these molars erupt or get them at all.

If you want to reduce the chances of cavities in your child’s life, consult with our dentists at Miller Family Dental in Torrance, CA, about dental sealants.

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