Root Canals in Torrance, CA

If a tooth becomes badly infected or so severely decayed, a standard dental filling will not be able to correct it. In these cases, the only way to save the original tooth is with root canal therapy.

While many patients cringe when they hear the words root canal, it’s a fairly simple and routine procedure that just gets a bad reputation. At Miller Family Dental, you can be sure that our talented and compassionate dental care team will look after your comfort and safety throughout the entire process.

When Is a Root Canal Necessary?

Root canals are required when the inside of the tooth becomes very infected or decayed. The innermost anatomy of the called the pulp. As mentioned, when this tissue starts to decay, there are no other options for saving the tooth besides a root canal. Ignoring an infection or tooth decay in the pulp can spur more complicated and painful oral health concerns in the near or distant future. The untreated decaying pulp can spread infection and cause abscesses and cysts to form. Even worse, the entire tooth could be lost, right down to the root.

Infection or decay in the pulp usually quite painful, which may be the cause for root canal therapy’s bad wrap. This procedure, however, is the fastest and most effective route to alleviating terrible tooth pain. The most common symptoms our patients who need a root canal report are extreme sensitivity to very cold and very hot temperatures.

Other signs that a root canal is needed include swollen and tender gum tissue, gum darkening or discoloration, along with chips and/or cracks in the infected tooth.

The Root Canal Therapy Procedure

To make sure you are feeling as comfortable and relaxed as possible, we’ll administer some sedation. It’s most common to receive an injection of local anesthetic. However, if you’re feeling extremely anxious or restless, we are happy to explore other sedation options with you.

The exposed nerves will be protected with a dental dam, and your dentist will carefully and precisely remove all of the infected tissue and dead nerves inside the tooth. Once the area has been cleaned, a cap or crown will be placed to protect the treated area.

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