Teeth Whitening in Torrance, CA

For a quick makeover, consider professional teeth whitening in Torrance, CA. A treatment at Miller Family Dental can give you a whiter, more attractive smile in just one appointment, so you can be ready for a big event without worrying about experiencing tooth sensitivity. Our staff are highly experienced in the treatment and use the best quality products to provide you with the results you’ll love.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Teeth get stained from several factors. A major reason for teeth staining is the diet that you keep. Tea, coffee, and wine can severely stain teeth if they are consumed regularly, in addition to certain foods. Additionally, the outer layer of enamel, naturally white, starts to wear away over time. It happens at different rates from one person to another, but the layer underneath becomes more visible when it does. This layer is called the dentin and is more yellow in appearance, making your smile appear dingy or yellow.

Over-the-counter products like toothpaste and mouth rinses contain a low concentration of an active whitening ingredient, so they can only effectively target surface stains. It takes a while for the results to become apparent. However, professional treatment for teeth whitening in Torrance at Miller Family Dental utilizes a higher concentration of the active ingredient. The solution can then penetrate the outer layer of enamel to break down stains underneath, making them less visible. The whiteness of your smile then becomes easier to see.

Teeth Whitening Procedure

A teeth whitening in Torrance, CA, usually takes under an hour. Your dentist will start by cleaning your teeth to prepare them for the whitening solution. A barrier will then be placed around the gums to protect them from the solution, which can irritate them when it comes into contact. The whitening solution will then be painted onto the teeth. Your dentist will repeat this process of applying the solution and the light until your desired shade has been reached.

The benefits of professional whitening treatment is that you will see dramatic results immediately and be able to enjoy them for longer than with an at-home treatment.

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