Step by Step of the Dental Implant Procedure

Step by Step of the Dental Implant Procedure

Nov 01, 2020

When you have missing teeth and looking for a long-term solution, affordable dental implants can be what you want. Dental bridges can offer stable support and also restore your smile. But, they are semi-permanent, meaning you will need to replace them at some point.

Dental Implants in Torrance are a great option and are effective when it comes to preserving your dental structure. However, some people do not know the process of fixing the implants. Here is a step by step guide on the implant procedure.

What are Implants and When Are They Used?

Dental implants are metal studs or screws that are fixed on the jaw bone to act as roots and anchor the artificial teeth.

Teeth implants are made of titanium screws, an abutment or connector, and a crown. These metal posts create a seamless look when fixed correctly.

The best dental implants are recommended if you have healthy teeth, gums, and sufficient jaw bone. Your jaw should also have attained full growth before the dentist recommends the implants.

What Does the Dental Implant Process Involve?

  1. Preparatory phase

Your implant surgery procedure needs to be approved by the dentist before they are fixed. This means the dentist must assess your eligibility for the dental implants.

The dentist performing dental implants in Torrance will first conduct a comprehensive dental assessment. He will examine your dental structure and check for residual bone loss. An x-ray and a CT scan may be done to give a clear picture of your dental structure.

He will discuss the different dental implant types. The dentist will choose the most suitable option based on the condition of your dental structure and the number of teeth missing.

It is important to have sufficient bone support for the implants to be fixed. If you don’t, the dentist may prescribe a bone graft procedure.

  1. Bone grafting

The implants need bone density if they are to last for long. A bone graft procedure is done to stimulate the bone growth lost because of the missing teeth.

During bone grafting, the dentist will use bone granules from your hip bone or cadaver. These granules are placed in the jaw bone and will stimulate the regrowth of the bone. The bone regrowth may take 9 to 12 and be supportive enough for the implants.

  1. Implant incision

Implanting the titanium screws is a surgical process; therefore, the dentist will numb your gums using local anesthesia. Sometimes, dental sedation is used, especially if you have dental phobia and anxiety or gag reflex.

Once you are still, the dentist will make an incision on your gums, drill the jaw, and fix the screws.

The gum may take about three to six months to heal and the bone to fuse to the implants.

The osseointegration (fusing of the implants and bone) is crucial to the success of the procedure. If the two do not fuse properly, the body may reject the implant, and the process will fail.

  • Fixing of the abutment

This procedure is done after the gums have healed. However, there are times where the dentist will fix the abutment and the implant on the same dental visit.

Fixing of the abutment is done under local anesthesia. The dentist will open the gums again to access the implants and place the connector. It will take two weeks for the newly opened gums to heal.

  • Placing of the dental crown

After the gums are healed and the implants are anchored, the dentist will fix the dental crown. These crowns can either be removable or fixed. The removable ones are dentures that can be taken out for cleaning and when you are sleeping.

The fixed crowns are cemented or screwed in place.

What to Expect After the Implant Procedure?

Like any other surgery, the implant process has a few side effects. You may experience swelling, bleeding, discomfort, and bruising. The dentist will prescribe antibiotics and some pain-relieving medications to ease the discomfort.

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