How to Fix a Gap in Your Front Teeth

How to Fix a Gap in Your Front Teeth

Jan 01, 2022

There is nothing particularly wrong with having a flawed smile. If you can build your confidence around other things about your features other than the dental flaws you may have, then your confidence can remain intact. However, some patients require a confidence boost by seeking cosmetic dental solutions to restore their miles. One of the dental problems that may need correcting to improve the aesthetics of your smile is teeth gaps, especially in the front teeth.

​Why Do Gaps Appear in Front Teeth?

While gaps can appear anywhere in your mouth, they are commoner for front teeth. Understanding the reason for spaces in your smile will benefit your treatment. Usually, the causes of uneven spaces in the mouth differ from one patient to another. Some of the causes of gaps in the front teeth are:

  • Missing teeth – tooth loss is, unfortunately, common among adults. Whether you lose one or more teeth, you will have a gap on your smile, which can be unpleasant for your aesthetics. The gaps may worsen when the rest of your natural teeth begin to move to fill the available space.
  • The crookedness of teeth – when your teeth do not line up straight on your jaw, they can leave spaces between them, while the rest of the teeth overlap.
  • Improper bite – occurs when your jawbone is misaligned so that either the lower or upper jaw protrudes outward. When this is the case, some of your teeth may have spaces between them.
  • Teeth that are too small for your jawbone – may result in teeth being spaced too far apart from each other.
  • Thumb-sucking – although not common, thumb-sucking has been known to cause gaps on front teeth. However, it only occurs if the poor oral habit persists for too long.
  • Gum disease – when the gums are infected they become inflamed and can remain so for long, especially without treatment. Damaged gums deteriorate the stability of teeth, allowing them to start shifting. Some patients may even experience tooth loss as a consequence of severe gum disease.

​Tips for Fixing Gaps in Front Teeth

The best approach to closing the gaps in the front of your teeth when you smile is by visiting a dental clinic near you. After a dental exam, your dentist will determine the cause for your gap then deliberate the best approach for treatment.

​Can Front Teeth Gap Be Fixed Without Getting Visible Braces?

When patients learn about their need for braces to close gaps in their mouth, they become overly concerned about wearing metal braces because they are conspicuous. Thankfully, at Miller Family Dental, we offer our patients various alternatives for fixing gaps in smiles that do not necessarily involve getting visible braces. Some of the procedures include:

  • ​Invisalign® braces – are types of invisible aligners in orthodontics for straightening teeth, aligning jaws, and closing gaps between teeth. They are an aesthetic alternative to metal braces, with a virtually invisible solution for rectifying your smile.
  • Dental bonding – is a process of adhering composite resin on teeth to restore their appearance. The composite bonding can serve various roles, including acting as a type of dental tooth filling. However, for fixing gaps, dental bonding adjusts the shapes of the adjacent teeth accordingly to remove the gap in between. This procedure works for closing small spaces.
  • Dental implants – are small metal posts used to replace missing teeth. Dental implants procedure will only close gaps in your front teeth if the gaps are caused by losing your natural teeth.

​How Long Does It Take to Fix Gaps in Front Teeth?

It depends on the type of procedure you prefer, relative to the cause of your gap. A dentist in Torrance can make projections about how long your treatment may last after they have analyzed the cause of your uneven spacing and chosen a suitable solution. For patients that require braces, treatment may last between 6 months and 36 months, depending on how big the gap in your front teeth is.

On the other hand, patients who need tooth replacement with dental implants may have instant results but require three months to heal their implantation wound. The other alternatives for fixing gaps in your mouth are rather quick fixes for your smile.

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