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Our small patients are just as important to us as their parents, which is why we offer children’s dentistry services at Miller Family Dental. It’s important that their teeth grow healthy and strong so that they can eat a variety of foods that will make their bodies healthy and strong too.

Equipped Just for Kids

Children’s dental care is extremely important because, with proper care, their teeth can last them throughout their lives. With routine visits twice a year, our children’s dentist near you in Torrance, CA can watch how our small patients’ teeth develop and provide treatment suggestions to their parents if they don’t grow in correctly.

Also, instead of trying to fit adult dental tools in their small mouths, our dentists who treat children have kid-size tools that fit easily and comfortably in their mouths. Even their dental chairs are geared toward kids, as is the warm, friendly atmosphere of their offices.

The waiting area has kids’ books, magazines, and toys that they can play with quietly while waiting to see one of our dentists.

Pain-free Procedures

Whether your child needs a filling or braces, our dentists at Miller Family Dental can provide virtually pain-free treatments because they use lasers in their practices. Dental lasers enable them to cut through soft tissue or hard bone with little effort, which means very little, if any, discomfort for the patient.

Your child may not need any sedation whenever they need a procedure done by our dentists near you in Torrance, CA.

Dental Preventives

Our pediatric dentists use preventives on kids’ teeth like dental sealants so that they don’t develop cavities or decay, and sealants can help their teeth stay healthy for up to 10 years. They can also teach their small patients the importance of brushing and flossing properly to also prevent decay and keep their teeth bright and strong.

Our kids dentists at Miller Family Dental can help kids learn how to properly care for their teeth so that they last them for the rest of their lives in Palos Verdes Peninsula, Redondo Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, Harbor City and other nearby communities of Torrance, CA.

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