Dental Implants in Torrance, CA

Do you need teeth removed due to an accident or tooth decay, but you never want to wear a bridge? Our dentists offering dental implants near you at Miller Family Dental may replace your teeth with dental implants if you qualify for them.

Dental Implants in Torrance are becoming more popular because they look and function like your natural teeth, but our dentists need to evaluate your mouth to see if you qualify to get them.

How to Qualify for Dental Implants in Torrance?

Before placing dental implants, our dentists need to ensure that your jawbone is dense and thick enough to support them. If you want to get one implant, then your jaw should support the implant and have at least one millimeter of space available around it. If two of them are going in side by side, you may need two millimeters of space for each one.

Due to periodontal disease deterioration, your jaws may not support implants. However, our dentists in Torrance, CA, will determine if a bone graft will help you qualify for them in these cases.

A bone graft consists of using grafting material and a donor’s; bone or one from your body to replace or improve the leftover bone.

How Long Does It Take to Get Implants?

After getting dental implants in Torrance, it may take several months before you start eating with them. The implants go into your jaw in stages, with the titanium screw going in first. Dental implants have three components:

  • A titanium screw that is the ‘‘root’’ of the tooth
  • An abutment that connects the screw to the crown
  • The dental crown

It will take several months, about four to eight months, before the tooth is ready for normal use. The tooth needs healing time after each component goes on to the titanium screw. However, you can use the implant as your natural tooth after it heals.

If you want to replace a tooth with an implant, talk to our dentists at Miller Family Dental to get your jaw inspected in Torrance, CA, to find out if you are a good candidate for them.

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