Why You Should Consider CEREC® Crowns for Your Dental

Why You Should Consider CEREC® Crowns for Your Dental

Apr 06, 2021

Are you having a decayed or damaged tooth? Cerec or traditional crowns can save your natural tooth from further damage. Crowns are ideal for reinforcing your natural tooth, and our dentist in Torrance can help you select a suitable option you. After undergoing a root canal procedure, your specialist may recommend you to have dental crowns. It’s difficult to determine the ideal type of crown for your dental, but your dentist can help you select a viable dental crown. Cerec crowns are friendly to your oral tissues and have the edge over traditional crowns.

What’s a CEREC Crown?

CEREC dental crowns are made from ceramic or resin materials. CEREC same-day crowns near you fit on your tooth perfectly and are naturally looking. Unlike traditional crowns that are less aesthetically appealing, CEREC crowns are sturdy, comfortable, and naturally pleasing. They are vital in addressing decay and damaged teeth, which may lead to infection and further decay. Untreated decay can result in dental abscesses and diseases that may affect your gum tissues and jaw bone.

CEREC crowns are crafted by our dentist in Torrance using advanced technology, and your dental impressions are sent to the lab to ensure you find personalized well-fitting dental crowns. Our specialists may recommend you to have dental crowns if you have a broken tooth portion or a large cavity.

Traditional vs. CEREC Crown Placement Procedure

You require several appointments for the placement of traditional dental crowns, and below are the steps your specialist follows:

  • Taking digital X-rays of your affected tooth
  • Filling your tooth for support of your crown
  • Getting impressions of your dental to check on your spacing and bites
  • Impressions are taken to the lab, and temporary crowns are customized before molding permanent ones.
  • The second appointment involves cementing a permanent crown on your tooth.

CEREC crowns require a single appointment. The dental crowns are made from resin or ceramic material and are vital in repairing your severely decayed, misshapen, or broken teeth. Having CEREC same-day crowns near you, your specialist does the following in preparation for crowns:

  • Capturing digital impressions using an intraoral scanner
  • Creation of a tooth restoration through the impression sent to the lab
  • Placement of your crown and polishing your crown cemented tooth

The Difference between CEREC Crowns and Traditional Crowns

Both traditional and CEREC crowns are ideal for repairing damaged teeth and enhancing your dental aesthetics. However, CEREC crowns provide you with the utmost convenience. Unlike regular dental crowns that require several appointments, CEREC crowns require a same-day procedure.  You need to make an initial appointment for traditional dental crowns for tooth preparation and to mold the temporary crown before having a permanent crown.

Cerec crowns require a single appointment without the need for temporary crowns. CEREC crowns are durable like regular dental crowns. They are made of ceramic or resin material that’s robust and ideal in providing aesthetic matching of your dental.

What are the Benefits of CEREC Crowns?

Dental crowns have myriad benefits for your teeth, and below are some of the benefits of Cerec crowns:

  • The same-day Cerec crowns are ideal in the prevention of decay.
  • Unlike traditional crowns that wear off rapidly, Cerec crowns fit perfectly on your tooth and safeguard it for long. They reduce the risk of traumatic injuries and prevent you from undergoing extensive dental procedures.
  • CEREC crowns are made of ceramic material that’s comfortable on your dental tissues. They fit perfectly on your tooth, unlike traditional crowns.
  • They restore your natural tooth functioning, and you can take any diet without restriction.

Placement of CEREC crowns is a same-day procedure. Our dentist in Torrance will use advanced techniques to capture your dental impressions and design a personalized tooth crown during your appointment. The dental crown is similar to your natural tooth, and it provides you with an aesthetic outlook. Having crowns that are fitted with the CEREC system ensures your restoration is reliable.

Dental crowns are vital in protecting your tooth from further damage. You need to consult your dentist on the preferred treatment option if you have a severely decayed or damaged tooth. Cerec crowns can reinforce and safeguard your tooth and ensure you retain your natural tooth functionalities. Our specialists at Bradley W. Miller, DDS, Inc can determine the ideal crown for you. Please make an appointment with us today and find a suitable treatment.

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